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What a fun thing to do. I ran throught the mission Contamination with the author and the crew of Starbase UGC. Direct links to my twitch version here and then go to Starbase UGC.

part one http://www.twitch.tv/jaedrian/b/310640929

I hope you enjoy it. I even tried to be quiet and respectful as I was a guest. They were kind enough to bring me along even after meeting me. So check it out, I had great fun and hope to run with them again.


Jaedrian a posted Mar 4, 12
I was told that my site was too plain.  So, I'll try out this theme.  Let me know what you think!
In other news, today at 4pm CST/5pm EST Ill be co-hosting a Star Trek foundry run with the folks at Starbase UGC.  I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm excited and hope you can make it.  A link to their site is here:
Ill also broadcast via twitch.  I may not be able to chat with my viewers since I'll be on someone else's show, but Ill see what I can do.
Take care!
Check out the latest episode posted in the forums.  We had a lot fun doing this one.  Check the forum under Foundry mission to the latest adventures in space.....!!!

Fun Times

Jaedrian a posted Feb 24, 12
Last night we ran three events for Everquest 2.  I filmed each segment seperately so that they could be posted seperately.  I thought that it would help people select what to view when they were going through the forums for something to watch.  I will post housing and dungeons visits on our forums as well.
Tonight we'll be heading into Star Trek Online.  Due to technical problems on Tuesday, we are able to play tonight and I'm going to attempt two Foundry missions that were requests for me to try and I'm excited to hit them.  Those links will be posted as well in the forums.  See you later.
Don't forget to reach out to me if there is something you want to see!

Sad night

Jaedrian a posted Feb 23, 12
My wife's account is not letting her log in so I ran solo tonight in Warhammer.  We still had some fun but I'm hoping to get things fixed for next week.
Come join us tomorrow for EQ2 though.  That account works!
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